Referral program
Invite someone to join Cronly. If they start their free trial, you earn one month for free.

How can I send an invite?

You can invite someone, via the Referral overview. Go to: More » Configuration » Referrals » Go to the invite form in the bottom.

How can I follow the status of an invite?

You can track all referrals, via the Referral overview. Go to: More » Configuration » Referrals

What referral statuses are there, and what do they mean?

Referrals can have one of the following statuses:
  • Processing We are processing the invite. The invite will be send within a few minutes.
  • Send We've send an invite with a unique token. The token tracks if the referral registers to Cronly. If someone doesn't use the token, but registers with the same e-mail address as the invite, the referral is also accepted.
  • Accepted The invite was accepted, but a free trial was not started yet.
  • Declined We've manually declined the invite. We only decline an invite, if we detect fraud or we've received a complaint.
  • Processing discount A free trial was started. We are processing your discount.
  • Processed Hurray, you've earned one free month! Your discount was processed successfully.

Is there a discount limit?

No. We currently don't limit the amount of free months you can earn, but every invite has to be unique and start a free trial subscription.
Last modified 1yr ago