How to use the API

Current version: 1.1. Previous versions: 1.0.

General use of the API

  • All requests must be sent over HTTPS.

  • All requests must contain an API key (except the cron job pulse service).

  • All of our server responses are in JSON format.

  • The HTTP response code should always be 200. All other response codes are system errors.

  • The status value is ok, if successful, or error if there are errors in your request. The reason for an error can be found inside reason.

To prevent abuse, please limit the maximum number of retries in case of an error. Our server might block your IP address, if we spot unusual high amounts of traffic.

API keys are not safe in client-side code, like Javascript. We've chosen to use API keys to make our features accessible for a wide audience. If you want to use the API in Javascript, please consider a server side languages between your client side code and our API.

Cron job monitor pulse (heart beat) code examples

curl "{token}"
import urllib2
except Exception:
var https = require('https');

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