Wordpress WP-Cron

You can setup Cronly for Wordpress in minutes.

What is WP-Cron?

WP-Cron is the build in implementation of cron jobs, within Wordpress. By default, this is only executed if an user visits' your website. But this is inefficient and unreliable, especially for high traffic websites.

Disabling visitor execution of WP-Cron

You can disable the default visitor behaviour, by adding a constant inside wp-config.php:

define( 'DISABLE_WP_CRON', true );

Setting up a cron job task

Settings tab

After disabling visitor execution, you can simply add a daily cron job task within Cronly.

Go to Services ยป Cron jobs ยป Click Add in the top right.

Select a Project.

Pick a name, that described to monitor. This name is only used within Cronly and doesn't effect implementation.

Select the correct time zone. This is the time zone of the environment the cron job runs.

The schedule works in the same notation Unix based systems run their cron jobs. For a daily run, use: 0 0 * * *

When adding a new cron job, the monitor delay in minutes is used to automatically configure a monitor for your cron job.

To skip execution of the task, if there is a task still running, set overlap to no.

Set a time-out in seconds. We currently support a maximum of 5 minutes (7200 seconds).

After adding the cron job task, a monitor is automatically synced with the same details. This monitor is not counted as a monitor for your subscription.

Endpoint tab

Set the endpoint to https://your-domain.com/wp-cron.php

All other values can be kept to it's defaults.

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