How triggers are used

Triggers define the way we communicate Events with you and your employees. It's Cronly's way of featuring a manageable notification flow.

Creating a trigger

Tip: If you haven't enabled Slack yet, it won't show up here. Enable it first to select a channel.

  1. Click "Triggers" in your menu

  2. Click "Create new trigger"

  3. Add filters for your trigger:

    1. Project: use this if you want this trigger only to be selected by a certain project.

    2. Type: use this if you intend to differentiate between monitors and SSL certificates.

    3. Status: use this if you would like to filter specific statuses.

  4. Add actions to tell Cronly how you'd like to be notified.

Editing a trigger

  1. Click "Triggers" in your menu

  2. Select the trigger you want to edit

  3. Edit the relevant details

  4. Click "Update trigger"

Deleting a trigger

Warning: Deleting a trigger means that the notifications for that trigger will stop immediately.

  1. Click "Triggers" in your menu

  2. Select the trigger you aim to delete

  3. Click "Delete trigger"

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