🔐SSL certificates

Use our free SSL certificate monitoring to make sure your certificates never expire again.

Tip: SSL certificate monitors are completely free!

Creating a new SSL certificate monitor

  1. Click "SSL certificates"

  2. Click "Register new SSL certificate"

  3. Enter the relevant details:

    1. Hostname: Just use the hostname, don't add the https://. For example: cronly.app. You can use subdomains here: dev.cronly.app.

    2. Port: If you don't know this, it is probably 443.

    3. Project: Use this to categorize your certificates. This can be useful when you want to monitor certificates of your client, for example

  4. Click "Register new certificate"

How do SSL certificate monitors work?

Once you create an SSL certificate monitor, we will start monitoring it. When the status changes, we will give you a heads-up. There are three possible statuses:

  • notification: Your certificate will expire within 30 days

  • alert: Your certificate has expired and is no longer valid, or it has not expired, but is invalid

  • healthy: Your certificate is valid for more than 30 days

If you want to see more information about your certificates, you can view this in your dashboard.

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