Projects inside Cronly are simply a way to group monitors and are a quick filter for you to use. Setting up projects helps you to quickly filter the monitors you currently want to inspect.

How projects are used

Projects are used to categorize multiple monitors, managed jobs and SSL certificates. This way, you can add triggers to those easily. This is useful if you have multiple clients that you want to help monitor their jobs for, for example.

Just set up a project for the client and tag all the relevant monitors with that project. Then, you can set up a trigger to listen for events for that project. Now, you've got a way to set up notifications for specific clients.

  • If you are developing only a single project, you can split up your monitors in various subgroups. For example: website, backups, mobile app, etc.

  • If you are developing for multiple clients, you can create projects based on your clients. This way, you can notify the relevant people, without needing to communicate everything yourself.

Creating a project

Tip: You can add unlimited projects, as they are free.

  1. Click "Projects" in your menu.

  2. Pick a relevant name

  3. Click save

Editing a project

  1. Click "Projects" in your menu.

  2. Click the relevant project

  3. Change the name

  4. Click save

Deleting a project

Warning: When you delete a project, all attached monitors will have their current project reset. This will also affect the attached triggers.

  1. Click "Projects" in your menu.

  2. Click the relevant project

  3. Click "Delete project"

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