There's only one plan available.

Free account

If you aren't subscribed, there are still a few features of Cronly that you can take advantage of. Most notable: monitoring SSL certificates is completely free.

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API access

Job monitors

Managed jobs

What does the paid plan cost?

You only pay $1/month per monitor (or managed job), or $10/year, if that's what you prefer. That's all. Users, projects, triggers, integrations, API calls and all the other features, including SSL certificate monitoring: completely free.

Stop the automatic renewal of your subscription

If you no longer need Cronly, that's okay. Just go to "Subscription" in your dashboard and stop your subscription. We'll stop billing you immediately.

Update payment method

Cronly partners with Stripe to safely store and process sensitive information around your subscription. To change your payment details, go to "Subscription" in your dashboard and click "Update payment details". Here, you can simply set up your new billing details.

Where are my receipts going?

You can set up email addresses that you'd like to see the receipts go to in your Subscription dashboard. You can set up multiple email addresses by separating them with commas.

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