How triggers are used

Triggers define the way we communicate Events with you and your employees. It's Cronly's way of featuring a manageable notification flow.

Creating a trigger

Go to Tools » Triggers » Click Add in the top right.


Pick a name for your own reference.


Select the options to filter the event types and statuses you would like to target.


Configure which notifications are send. You can connect employee accounts, a webhook or enabled third party integrations here.

Click Save to add the trigger.

Editing a trigger

Go to Tools » Triggers » Click Edit next to the trigger.

See Creating a trigger.

Click Save to edit the employee.

Trigger archive

An archived trigger is disabled and won't send out notifications.

To archive a trigger, go to Tools » Triggers » Click Archive next to the trigger.

To see all archived triggers, go to Tools » Triggers » Click Archive in the top right corner.

To restore a trigger, go to archived triggers. Click Restore next to the trigger.